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We have now finally moved to our house. In what seemed like a real Christmas story the container arrived on the 24th of December. As we are living on a rather big hill and traffic with bigger trucks are not allowed during daytime in Kathmandu, the moving company felt that it would be best to repack the container to smaller trucks. I therefore went down to the river where the container had been parked since it arrived late the evening before and followed them repack in the morning mist.

The moving people were really efficient and by lunch time all 230 boxes and pieces of furniture had been moved to the house and the majority of the moving people went home leaving us and the two remaining people with the unpacking. However, we still managed to make the living room ready for the Christmas celebration at night through the food was not quite up to standard with Fried Rice instead of the usual elaborate dinner. Below is a picture as the living room looked on Christmas eve.


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