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Here in Sana’a the rainy season has arrived and the traffic therefore also develops to a totally chaotic state at times. With the main part of taxis, and many private cars being more than 25 years old it doesn’t take much for them to stall when it rains and it only takes a few before we have a jam. Yesterday, we had a very bad downpour and the resulting flashflood tested the Saila’s capability as the main “drain” of Sana’a. The people that have visited us down here will know that the Saila is normally used as a main thoroughfare in Sana’a but that it also doubles as a Wadi and therefore will turn into a river when the rain comes. Monday many cars got caught up in the Saila as the rain came very fast. Rescuers managed to save people from 7 cars that was either stuck or drifted down the river and three people that was caught under the rubble in a collapsed building in the old city. As you can see on the picture the water came quite high in the Saila.

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