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Though I have been promising new pictures for a while now I have had problems getting the pictures from our digital camera to my computer. In the meantime, you will have to live with the lack of updates. Hopefully, I will be able to resolve the problem soon. Today is the Danish election and I am somewhat concerned about the outcome. Though this is the closest election in a long time, all indications are that the current government will continue, though it will be on a more uncertain mandate. The last couple of days I have been participating in a trading game on the web-site of the biggest Danish newspaper - Politiken. The game is simply put that you trade on outcomes of the election and the opinion polls.

Before I loose many of my saved up points today, after a bad investment in the Social Democratic Party being the largest party in today's polls (which they didn't become), I just wanted to share my good track record. As of this morning I was no. 14 out of almost 1500 participants - Unfortunately I will now fall a couple of 100s positions. Anyway, I have been true to my believes, and truly hoped that we would get a change of government.

My sister, Anne-Mette, has been in organizing he pictures on her computer and she found a couple of Liva and Joop and their cousins, Ebbe and Vibe

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