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We have had an extensive break on our blog – We have been home in Europe on Holiday and have returned with many good memories to Nepal again. The monsoon has come and almost gone again (according to the Nepali calendar the monsoon ends on Wednesday. And I have started to work, so the small family is busy – however, we will make a bit more of an effort to keep the blog up to date.

The biggest Nepali festival season is starting next week and as an early start, the kids and I went to Unicef today to have our new (or rather by now older new) car blessed. To make sure that you can get through Kathmandu traffic without injuries to body or car it is quite common to get a hindu priest to make a sacrifice for the car. Unicef used to sacrifice a goat but these days the have limited the sacrifice to coconuts. Anyway both out driver, Bickey, and out car went through the process and should now be blessed.
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