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With the arrival of spring and the better and much warmer (around 33c these days) weather, the guests have started to arrive. First it was Frederikke and Simone who managed to make a detour on their trip around East and South East Asia to come and see us here in Nepal. A week ago my younger sister Henriette and her family arrived and in just over a weeks time Lieke's sister and her family will arrive. The kids are off on Spring break but we managed to take all the guests to school just before the holiday started so they could be presented to all the friends of Liva and Joop. We have until now taken it easy but Henriette, Flemming and I did manage to go on a Everest Mountain flight yesterday where we saw Everest and we have until now made some small trips into the city. Tomorrow we will go to Chitwan National Park where the kids can ride on Elephants and where we will hopefully see a couple of Rhinos.

This weekend it was Holi and we went outside Kathmandu for a BBQ with some friends. Holi is the festival of color to honor the demoness Holika. Most Nepalis meet with friends and family and throw colored powder and water on each other.

We had a very civilized Holi where the kids stayed away from colored powder (this stuff is supposed to be quite toxic) and only had a massive water fight. Water pistols in all colors and shapes had been bought for the occasion and an abundant supply of water was there. The adults stayed away from the fight and enjoyed bbq'ed beef and sausages and a beer.

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