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Whenever summer comes around I always start to think about my mother. She passed away in August four years ago. My sister Dorthe has for a while had a photo in her kitchen that was taken in the summer when we had just found out my mother was sick. I have wanted to have a copy of that photo for ages and when my friend Ann heard that she took it down to the photo lab right away and had both a hard- as well as an electronic copy made. As the photo was rather dirty from all the cooking in the kitchen I have now photoshopped it somewhat and it almost as good as new.

We are now back after a long holiday in Europe. Since returning home to Nepal the rain has been relentless – however, we should of course not complain – at least we are safe here in Nepal whereas hundreds of thousands have been relocated in Pakistan due to floods. Lieke has stated a long program of extensive travels. With her new job as Regional Advisor for the whole of South Asia she has to visit all the countries. On the top of that she has some trips to Europe and the US so the kids and I will not get to see her much the next couple of months.

We had a nice although quite long holiday back in Europe over the summer. The kids and me left a month before Lieke so we got extra time with Oma and Opa and also with the family in Denmark. We managed to see many of our friends but as we held our holiday earlier this year many of you also had left on holiday yourselves. So if we didn’t manage to see you we hope to manage next year. One of the reasons that we were in Europe earlier this year was that we had to fit the holiday with the kids’ school holiday. On the top of that we also wanted to be in the Netherlands for Oma’s 70s birthday. All in all we had a very nice time.

We are now gearing up for what will hopefully be a nice autumn. We already now know that we will have visitors over Christmas which we of course look forward to, and that we will probably also have to go back to India for a wedding. So all in all we are looking forward to a nice time.

Below you find a few photos from our holiday – please also check our flickr account for more

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