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While in Hong Kong I bought myself a GPS - that is, I bought it on behalf of Lieke as it was a birthday present from her. We are of course planning to take a few hikes while we are Nepal as this country is made for hiking. However, what hooked me on the whole GPS thing was my friends in Denmark telling me about Geocashing - this modern version of a treasure hunt where you find boxes hidden by others through their coordinates. So...., after I got my GPS I used two mornings on hiking around discovery bay to get all the geocaches that was hidden there - I even managed to get "travel bug" (picture at the top) that I am planning to place in cache here in Nepal. The only bad thing is that we only have few caches here in Nepal and that they are all at places like the Everest Basecamp etc. So it will be hard to get my cache count up until we go on holiday again.

After just over a week in Hong Kong we are now back in Kathmandu. We had a very nice trip where we got to spend some time with Martijn, Maki and the kids and also got to meet up with Simone and Dominic again. Whenever we take holidays from Nepal a major part will be dedicated to shopping and this time was not different - We went to Ikea and brought home 40 kg of plates, bed linen and other things - I managed to buy a new lens to my camera and also the GPS that Lieke promised me for my birthday. As we had been to Hong Kong quite a few times by now we didn't use much time on sightseeing - we managed however to go to the peak of Hong Kong and the kids got a trip to Disneyland. All in all we had a very nice trip.

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