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Yesterday was like christmas, Birthday and New Year, all in one - First of all it was the first day that Opa and Oma was here in Nepal on their world trip (they are visiting Hana, Pia, Sora, Maki and Martijn in Hong Kong before and after being in Kathamandu) and then we finally received our car - a Toyota RAV4. Unfortunately it will take a week to get plates and insurance for the car so right now I am just sitting pretending to drive .

With the kids getting older their after school program is getting more and more complicated. Both kids are having Dutch school once a week and besides that Liva is having after school at her school every Monday. With the Spring Break here it is of course easier as they do not have normal school. Liva has stated piano lessons every Wednesday and she loves it. Joop on the other hand is having Ballet with her best friend Daria. Above you can see some of her moves from yesterday where I joined her for the first time (I know that Anne-Mette asked to see some picture of Joopies ballet lessons).

With the Easter nearing, the Dutch School had it yearly Easter egg hunt during the weekend. We went to the Garden of Dreams where we looked for eggs and after that we went to a Restaurant in Thamal with a climbing wall for the kids.

Today both Joop and Liva had Parent-Teacher conference – However, here at Lincoln School they did it a bit different this time, so it was actually more like Parent-Pupil conference as the students were in charge of showing that they had learned. So we could see how far Liva has come with reading and writing and hear the letters that she has received from her Turkish pen friend and also how good Joopie is in counting and recognizing the letters of the alphabet.

Opa and Oma are arriving in 10 days time and after them we will have Simone and Dominic and their kids over from Hong Kong. As we are still pretty new here in Nepal we are using these days to explore Kathmandu so we have something to show off when we have visitors. Today we went to the Boudahnath Stupa in the East of the city and after that to the Hyatt hotel for Brunch.

It is soon spring here in Nepal and the flowers are starting to bloom. Our gardener Santa is busy getting the garden ready for the summer – We are now self-sufficient with salad and spinach and our zucchinis will probably be ready in a month or so. Santa is big on flowers – He keeps on running around pointing to places saying “colors” which means that he has planted flowers there. On the picture below you see Santa together with our Guard and some of the flowers from our garden.

Yesterday it was Holi, the Hindu spring festival of color. Holi is is celebrated by people throwing colored powder and colored water at each other so we used most of the day inside cowering under the tables. Lieke dropped Liva at the bus-stop and as it can be seen on the photo she put on her whole protection gear, including rain jacket – In the end it was all for nothing as no one was interested in throwing color at her. If Liva looks a bit under the weather it is because she is sick right now. The called from her school 20 minutes after this photo was taken to tell us that she had thrown up in the bus, so she is home again today

This morning Liva lost her other front tooth and she is now able to eat rather big things without even opening the mouth. Ever since her other front tooth fell this tooth has been wiggling so it was with some relief that if finally fell out.

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