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Life seems to go in circles – When we started this blog more than 2 and half year ago it was to report about our move to Yemen – and now having been here for two and half year we are getting ready to move on. Lieke has accepted a job for Unicef in Nepal and we will leave Yemen in a couple of weeks time.

So this is also why there has not been many updates lately on our blog – We are slowly getting organized  - we have sold the car (always the biggest worry when you have to move) and most of the other stuff that we do no longer need – the only thing left is the television and I have been trying to convince Lieke that we should just bring it and have two televisions, but she is still a puritan and is not going for it. We have still not settled on a moving company but the choice is not tremendous – there are only a small handful of options in Sana’a and most of them are doing a terrible job.

We have gotten our tickets and will be leaving on the 16th of October. We are flying on business class (as it is more than 9 hours flight to Nepal and the difference in  price is so little that we will not make much should we have opted for economy) and I am looking very much forward to that – Qatar Airlines, that we are flying with has been voted one of only four 5 star airlines in world and the service should be absolutely amazing (at Doha airport the first class passengers are being picked up by BMW 700 series at the plane for the short drive to the dedicated business and first class terminal).

Anyway we are of course still here and trying to get the most out of our last days in Yemen – that is, it is the last days for Lieke and kids – I will return to Yemen at the end of November for a consultancy job and will probably also have at least a couple of missions next year so I have plenty of possibilities to enjoy the city in the time to come. Right now it is Ramadan going on Eid so Lieke has had a couple of days off (being that I work in a Ministry we of course have the whole week off). The other day Lieke and I took the opportunity to go to the old city, and though it was a typical morning during Ramadan and therefore with hardly any people on the streets, it was nice to enjoy the life of the old city. With our move from Sana’a to Kathmandu we are of course leaving one UNESCO world heritage site to go to another, so we will not be deprived of this kind of thing in the future.

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