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Our living room
Our hallway - Liva and joops room is behind the door in the far end
corridor going to our dinning room and kitchen

As the kids are having a bad cold right now, we haven't been taking pictures of them recently. Instead I publish a few pictures from in and around our house. I hope this will inspire people to come down and see our house themselves.

Both Liva and Joop had friends over on Wednesday and with them and Lieke they did a bit of baking.
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Lieke and the kids went and had their hands painted yesterday. Like in India, Henna painting of hands and feet is a thing that is done in Yemen for special occations.

Though you might not be able to see it in Yemen, because of the lack of greenery, spring is now arriving. It is still cold in the mornings but is very pleasant during the day. This weekend Lieke had arranged a picnic for the Unicef Staff in one of the Wadis just outside the city. It was really beautiful with all the almond and apricot trees in bloom. What was more surprising was that there was a small forest at the end of the wadi to which the most energetic claimed.

Wednesday there was a party for the parents at the school where we could see how far the kids have gotten with Arabic. As it was after all a party, Liva and Joop insisted on getting dressed up in their party clothes and they sang a song in Arabic and there was a puppet show. All in all it was a nice afternoon.

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