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We have now lived outside Europe for the last 12 years and have been used to the problems of living in the third world. However arriving in Kathmandu has still been a bit of a shock. We are now on a schedule with 14 hours of planned power-cuts a day. So our newly installed inverter is working overtime and I think that this is as much power-outage it can take. Should the power-cuts become longer, the inverter will simply not have time enough to recharge the batteries between power-cuts. Anyway, with the lack of a efficient electricity grid our lifestyle have become rather green. To make the inverter last longer we have changed all light bulbs to Energy saving bulbs (9W on average) and all our hot water is coming from our solar system on the roof. As the hours of sun in the winter is less and the days are colder, Lilly and Rama went up to clean the solar system the other day to ensure what we are getting full value – still the water is only luke-warm on some days which is rather hard as it is really cold in the mornings and evenings.


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