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With Christmas approaching there are a number of activities here in Kathmandu – Last week there was the yearly Christmas market at his weekend we went to one of the hotels for a one day “fun park”. There were a number of rides and the kids tried out most things. Joop and Liva is off from school for the next three weeks so we have to be creative to entertain them. We are planning to go down to one of the National Parks over New Years.

The renovation of the house is now finished and they only need to do the paint job. Today our two nannies have been using the whole day cleaning up the place, and we hope that our shipment will arrive Tuesday or Wednesday so we can move in in time for Christmas. Before we move in however, we will need to install a battery inverter as the power cuts become worse and worse here in Nepal. The have just put out a new schedule and we will now have 70 hours of planned power-cuts a week. The reason should be that there are less water in the winter to produce energy from the hydropower plants. At the moment the energy production is only covering approximately 60% of the demand.


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