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We are getting ready to move into our new house - The renovation should be finished on Sunday and our shipement might come early next week - We still need to buy all the stuff we need, like refrigiator and stove, but things are looking up.

When we moved to Nepal the kids got a Nintendo DS and they have just gotten some new games from Sinterklaas - So what seem to been their father's dream and their mother's nightmare has happened. They are now next to impossible to get away from the "gameboy"

As can be seen from the picture above the reinforcements have now been put in place in the living room and they are busy doing the same in the rest of the house. All there needs to be done is then the touch up and we are ready to move in - Today it was two months since we left Yemen and we have been living in hotels for all this time so I think that the whole family is ready to start our lives for real here in Nepal.


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