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As we now know that we have to wait at least 20 days more for our house we have moved to an Apartment Hotel just behind the Summit Hotel. The streets around here around here are totally incomprehensible. We can walk from our new hotel to our old hotel though the back gate and it will take us 2 minutes – however, should we drive from here to our old hotel it is a ride of at least 10 minutes that will take us past our future house. So I guess that we will still have to go though our old hotel when we have to bring the kids to school. Our new serviced hotel apartment is really nice. The Hotel is an old palace and our apartment has a small TV room, a dinning room, a palace room (as the kids call it), a kitchen, a big bath room and a bed room. So now we do not have to constantly be on the top of each other. Smutti has also gotten comfortable here. He has already caught a bird (his first ever, as far as we know) and as you can see on the picture he is enjoying laying on the steps in front of our bed room.


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