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Hello Everyone,

Lieke here for a change. Henrik is cooking and feels the pressure of you all to post something daily so the honor is mine.

We finally had a relaxing weekend in weeks if not months. Yesterday was still a little hectic but today we just enjoyed ourselves: even had a nap!

As an outing we went to the money temple on a hilltop just on the outskirts of Kathmandu. The temples were nice and plenty and it is amazing to see the cultural heritage around. Monkey were plenty as well and all disgusting and ugly. Even the kids thought they were scary. Except they thought the baby monkeys were cute (schattig).

Liva thought the large Buddha’s statues were interesting and knows had to sit in yoga posture, with closed eyes and um hands included. Joop liked to burn some candles which we did especially in memory of Henrik’s parents and my grandma in particular and one candle extra for all the other people in our lives how died. Keeping up with our Mexican tradition, we made a nice altar with the three photos in the apartment, offering and candy, fruits.

Next week is Tihar (like Diwali) so we have tow days to celebrate: lights and candles are already everywhere.


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