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This morning it was slightly overcast, but that turned out to be an advantage as the clouds also came with some wind that cleaned the air of the vally. So today was the most amazing view. I think that it is only this time of the year that this view can be seen - during the rest of the year the clouds of the monsoom or the polution makes it impossible. So we are lucky to be here at a time where the skys are so deeply blue.

Liva and Joop are right now playing with Rama and Lilly, the two nannies. We are now starting our second week in Nepal, and Liva and Joop have been to school today. This week will be short as the school is off Wednesday to Friday due to Dashain Festival. Most Nepalis are starting to leave town already today as Danshain (which is kind of the Nepali Diwali) is the most important festival of the year. So there is hope that the weekend is going to be quite here in Kathmandu.


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