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Our first week in Nepal is coming to an end and I am rather proud of what we have managed. The kids are now taking the school bus every morning from a street corner that is 4 minutes walk from the hotel. Liva is taking the bus at 7.30 whereas Joop can wait until 8.42. Both kids return at 2.45. Before we left Yemen we had already arranged with someone from Unicef that we would take her two nannies and they have really been gold. They are called Lilly and Rama and the idea is that they will work shifts when we are in the house. This week, they have spent all the time together with the kids so they can get to know each other and things are going well.

We have managed to find a house, that is unfortunately will not be vacated by the current tenants until the 15th of November. As we have until now been living the whole family, including our cat Smutti, in a 14 square meter (incl. bath room) hotel room at the Summit Hotel we have decided to move. So tomorrow we will move to a much bigger serviced apartment around the corner.

Lieke has gotten her ticket for her trip to Washington so she will leave us on next Saturday (the 2nd of November). It will be a bit tough without her around, but we will of course have to continue to get ready to move into the new House. The house is going to be fantastic. It has the most amazing view and wooden floors everywhere. The house has now been security cleared and we are allowed to move in as soon as it is possible. So tomorrow I will go over to the landlord with the lease so we can tie up the deal.

I have been exploring Thamel more today – on the picture above you see one of the many stupas you find around Kathmandu


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