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You might wonder what the picture above has to do with the first day in school and to that I can only say nothing. However as I did not take any pictures today you will have to live with a picture from the lunch we had with Lieke's colleagues over the weekend.

Today was the first day in school for Liva and Joopie and it went very fine. We all went together in the morning to the school where the day started with an assembly for all primary school children where we were officially welcomed - Liva of course found this to be extremely embarrassing. However after the initial shyness both Liva and Joop felt quite comfortable in their classes. So already at 10.30 Liva asked if I had to hang around the class room and that it was OK if you went somewhere else. In Liva’s class there are three other kids that are half Danish and in Joopie’s class there is one of her friend from the Dutch school so the kids felt at home right away. Tomorrow we will have to find out about the school bus as Joop is going to school one hour later than Liva and it is quite a distance. Besides that nothing much to report from here. Lieke is supposed to have the security check of our houses today as the security department cancelled on her yesterday because they are preparing for Ban Ki Moon’s visit (that they take the visit of the UN SG more serious than us getting into a house is beyond me). Right now the kids are with their new nannies – it is going really well and the kids are very happy with them which is of course important.


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