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Today Lieke has been at work the whole day, while the kids and I have been at the hotel. As the school of the kids have been off yesterday and today, Liva and Joop are only starting their full program from tomorrow.  Liva however, had her Dutch school today and have now met the others in her class. It looks like that there are fewer Dutch in Kathmandu than in Sanaa - Joop's class was only 5 kids with Joop and Liva's was 6 covering two grades.

I have been using the day on getting more organized. I stated the day with going to Thamal (a part of town on the Kathmandu side where all the Tourist stay) to buy a Mountain bike. I had found a shop on the internet and went there as I knew that they had quality bikes. I bought a Gary Fisher bike and am very happy. After driving home from the center of Kathmandu (something that is quite an experience due to the traffic) I went around our part of town to explore. I went to our local (we are probably going to move to Patan so this is our local area) Durbar Square which was absolutely amazing and just as beautiful as the one on the Kathmandu side. It is really nice to have a bike so I can get around - I am slowly getting used to riding in the wrong side of the road.

Tomorrow will be Liva and Joop's first real day in school so we will have to get to bed a decent hour tonight. They are really exited and the school which we visited yesterday look really good.


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