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One of the houses that is in the run for becoming our next house (it is in number two spot right now). Unfortunately I have not taken photos at number one, but if you look at the view from the hotel above you get a good idea about the view from that house.

Liva and Joop in Durbar Square in central Kathmandu - This square has one of the highest consentrations of temples I have ever seen, though the Durbar Square here in Patan where we are staying should be even more impressive

We have of course moved a couple of times and have by now become profesionals, but I don't think we have ever been this efficient before. It is now Monday and we have been here in Nepal for three days. In this time we have managed to see 15 houses or so and have already found a couple that we think will be good possibilities. Today Lieke has had the UN security down and checking two of the houses and we have been to the Lincoln School and talked to the teachers of the kids. This afternoon the kids have been to Dutch school for the first time and our two new nannies are with the kids for the first time - they seem to be hitting it off so that is good.

In the weekend we managed to see quite a few houses and on Sunday me and the kids went to the center of Kathmandu where we bought some things to put in the kids hair. In the early afternoon we met for the first time with Lieke's section. One of the women working in the section had cooked a Nepali meal and we met with most of the people working for Lieke. In the morning today we went to Lieke's office and tried to arrange much of the practical stuff. Unfortunately it does not seem that any of the diplomates of Kathmandu are leaving right now so no duty free cars are on sale. We might therefore have to import a new car from Japan as the duty on cars in Nepal is almost as high as in Denmark (around 200 pct.).

So all in all we are doing fine in Nepal - We have all settled down, including Smutti who after a scare the first day where we thought he would not find his way back to our room now seem to be quite content here.


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