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The view from our hotel (hotel summit) in Kathmandu overlooking the Himalayas

The Himalayas seen from the plane

The connection in our hotel in Kathmandu has not been so good so it has been a bit tough to publish some photos from our trip to Nepal. We have now arrived well in Kathmandu and we are all fine. The trip went well - we enjoyed traveling on business class for a change and though the seven hour stop-over in Doha was a bit much we all managed. Smutti did the trip well and is not back to his old self. He seem to own the whole hotel and is at times taking his liberties (entering other people's rooms etc.). So all in all the trip went well. 

We are doing fine - the first couple of days have been used to looking at houses and we have already managed to find a couple of candidates - Tomorrow the kids will start at their new school.

Anyway - the connection seem to get worse and I will therefore try to publish this first and see what happens.


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