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With our car arriving some time during this spring both Lieke and I are getting a bit stressed out over the narrow streets of Kathmandu. Though we have driven in both Mexico and Yemen, it seems like that Nepal is the country where they have used the least land on transpotation infrastructure. The main road, which is about 50 meters from our house, is by Nepali standard quite OK - on that road is possible for two cars to pass each other easily. However, the road leading up to our house is quite a challenge. Not only is it very narrow, but the climb up to our house is extremely steep - on the top of this our drive way is going in the opposite direction than the road so you have to make a 180 degree turn at the same time as you go up a 30 degree climb - this often result in cars spinning and only touching the ground with three wheels. Luckily we have had quite a few visitors so we have been able to study how they have gotten up to our house and have after a big case study found out that you have to drive to the end of the road, turn around and access our house from this end. Quite a hassle but still a good idea to avoid ruining our new Toyota RAV4 when it arrives.


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