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The school is having activity week this week and today it is PJ (Pyjamas) day for the pre schoolers. Thank god we checked yesterday as we thought it was PJ day for the whole school and we therefore had already made Livas PJ ready - As it turned out Liva had celebrety day and she ended up going as a tennis player (which one was not quite clear but being Danish I would say she went as Caroline Wozniacki). Joop really likes her night gown so she was quite happy that she could have it on the whole day. On the photo above you see Joop waiting for the school bus. As the Lincoln School is quite far away from where we live both Joop and Liva is being picked up every morning by bus. Joop is lucky, as she is starting an hour later than Liva and is only being picked up at 8.40. Liva on the other hand has to be by the road at 7.35 and though it has gotten a bit warmer in the last few days it can be rather cold this time of the morning.


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