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We are getting close to the changing of guards here in Kathmandu - Lieke is coming home in tomorrow afternoon and I will be leaving 12 hours later on Monday morning - it is a bit tough but that is of course the price we have to pay.

Today the kids and I have been to supermarket to buy Loerdagsslik (Saturdays candy) and also went and looked at a car that we might buy - However, after looking at the used car market in Nepal I think that it is better to import a car instead. As the car we looked at today was a 5 year old RAV4 it was now old enough for Nepalies to buy it at a lower duty rate - So when we looked at the car the best offer was from a Nepali that had offered 19000 dollars for it - On the top of this the Nepali then have to pay 14000 dollar duty so the car comes to 33000 dollars - As it would cost us around 23000 dollars to import a new RAV4 directly from Japan I think we are going for this option - the only problem is that we will have to wait 3 months for the car.

As promissed you will find a couple of pictures of the kids from today - The first one is fromt he garden of Summit Hotel that we passes through every day. The other is in the Taxi on the way to the Supermarket. Most taxis in Kathmandu are old Maruti 800 (Suzuki 800) and they are rather small so I will normally have to roll down the window to have room enough for my arms.


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