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After a lovely relaxing holiday in Jordan are we now back in Yemen again. While we were in Aqaba it was next to impossible to get the kids out of the hotel pool but we managed to visit both Petra and Wadi Rum where Lawrence of Arabia fought the Otoman Empire. We stayed at the Intercontinental hotel and it was lovely (we can highly recomend it should anyone want to visit Jordan) - The kids loved to very warm childrens pool and we all got a healthy color (Liva and Lieke more than Joop and Henrik). Petra was absolutely amazing and we also got to see the dead sea from the distance on the way back to the airport. Aqaba was like most resort towns but was situated nice by the absolut top of the Red Sea. From our room we could see both Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia. We are now back in Yemen, just in time to celebrate the Dutch Queens Day.
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