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With so few weekends left before we take off to Europe and Yemen we feel that we have to use all the time we have here to do something for the kids. Lets not kid ourselves – though there will probably be plenty to see in Sana’a there will probably not have quite as many possibilities as here. This weekend we used most of Saturday to do something for the grown-ups though as we went out to eat lunch with Erica and Jakob (a Danish-American coupe that we have met here). We went to a restaurant in Polanco what we have been meaning to try out for quite some time and it was lovely – Spent 4 hours eating and discussing without the interruption of the kids. To make it up for Liva and Joop, we went to a petting zoo today. Both kids took a ride on horses and gave food to the cows etc. Afterwards we had a late lunch in a kids restaurant called the rainforest with mechanical elephants etc. All in all it was been a very nice weekend. Last week was supposed to have been very quite as it was interrupted by both Dia del Muerto and Eit. However, as Lieke has a million things to finish before we can take off to Europe she worked some of the time on both days. We however had time to meet up with Anneke and Jean-Michel, friends of ours that lived in Yemen before coming to Mexico. We of course discussed Yemen – By now it is strange because even though we have never been to Yemen it is like we know Sana’a by now. I look forward to see 60 meter road – Called so because it is supposed to be 60 meter wide as it doubles as an emergency landing strip for planes. I also look forward to see Hadda Road – a road where much of the expat life seems to revolve around as this is where you can do much of your shopping. Next week will be very busy. Lieke is off to both Chihuahua and Yucatan and will be out from Tuesday morning to Thursday evening. I will meet up with one of the moving companies to discuss our move and will have to start to clean up everything so it is ready to get packed.


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