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With less than 2 weeks left in Mexico the stress level is rising. Lieke has now finally had her big event in Yucatan and has said goodbye to her counterparts there, and is now left with all the office work, the annual reporting etc. She will still be pretty busy but will at least be in Mexico City. We have now finally settled on a moving company that will ship our things to Yemen. We will get a 40 foot container that should get just over half full. Getting a quote on how much it will cost has been like pulling teeth. Between the Mexican MaƱana culture and the Yemeni Ramadan it seems like that the coordination between the Mexican company and their partners in Yemen has been very difficult. We however finally now have a quote and a moving company that has a faint idea about where in world Yemen is (you sail around Africa and keep to the right). The next two days will be used to coordinate the goodbye party for kids. As Joop will be cheated out of a birthday party for kindergarten, we felt that it would be best to have a party for all the kids in both Liva and Joop’s classes. So on Friday we will have 16 kids and their mothers coming over for lunch, which leaves all the shopping to be done tomorrow. After that we will have to get organized for the move. The movers will come on the 24th to 26th November, which leaves us with 3 days after that in Mexico without a house. On next Thursday we will have to give back the diplomatic number-plates for the car so we will have to do all the things for which we need a car within the next week. So all in all we are entering a very stressful period.


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