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Anyway, to continue our story about Wilma and the canceled trip to Cuba, we ended up going to Queretaro. As we didn’t have to pay for the flight we used a bit more on the hotel and stayed in “La Casa de la Marquesa”. Above is a picture of our room (or rather Suit) which was called the “Maximiliano y Carlota Suit”. Queretaro was a very nice surprise, with quite a big part of the city center being pedestrian areas and having quite a few very nice squares. Lieke missed the kids quite a bit though. I was OK, but I of course also spend more time with them on a everyday basis than Lieke does. We are now home again with renewed energy to give it the last push before the 29th of November. Today I am off to the city center to pick up the rest of our tickets for Europe and Yemen. Strange to think about that we will be out of here in just over a months time.


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