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Well, with no end in sight for Wilma we have canceled our tickets to Cuba and will instead go somewhere in Mexico for the weekend. It was a bit of a tough decision as we really wanted to go to Cuba before we leave this part of the world. However, with Wilma bearing down on Cuba we would probably not have seen much anyway, except for the Hotel. Getting the go-ahead to get a full refund turned out to be the easy part of the the problem. I called Mexicana, and as the hotels in Cuba were sold out for the next four weekends they agreed to give us a full refund, even though we were only entitled to get 70% of the amount back. However, to get this refund I had to go to a Mexicana office and here the problem started. It turned out that they can not reimburse us directly to our credit card and as they do not have any checks they will have to pay us back in cash. However, due to the risk of robberies in Mexico, they do not have any cash in the office and therefore will have to wait for somebody else to pay in cash before they can give us our money back!!! So now I am waiting for the Mexicana office to call me so I can go down and get my money. In the meantime I am checking web sites to see where we will go for the weekend.


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