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Yesterday we have placed an ad for our car in “Segundamano”, the free ads paper here in Mexico (it should be in Tomorrow's issue). We are crossing our fingers and hope someone will buy it, as selling the car is what worries us the most with the move. These days we are using a lot of our time on trying to get organized. We are looking for tickets to Yemen and trying to figure out what would be the best schedule to take. We have found out that the best option will be to get tickets over Europe to Dubai and then connect in Dubai to a plane to Yemen. This of course results in some complications. First of all we need to get a ticket with a stop-over in Europe and second of all we need to get a connection in Dubai where we do not have to wait too long around (I am most likely traveling alone with the kids, so a night in Dubai airport is out of the question). Finally buying the trip as two tickets of course means that we will loose the baggage allowance that we normally have when we fly from Mexico (two bags each of 32 kg.) and instead have the normal 20 kg. per person. So right now we are trying to find out that is the most sensible solution. In the last few days we have had moving companies to come and look at all our stuff, so they can estimate a quote for moving it all to Yemen. Last time we moved everything could be in a 20 foot container and we hope to do the same this time. Until now we have had two companies to look at our move and by the end of the week we will hopefully have had 5. Until now, my personal favorite is a company called Executive Moving, mainly because of their slogan. Their slogan is “We transport your confidence!!!”. If we chose them I just hope that they will give me back my confidence when they have stopped transporting it!!


  1. Amtoft  

    How about "we transport your confidence (from high to low).

  2. The van de Wiel/Schou Hansen Family  

    I am more worried about having to totally give up my confidence for some time while it is on its way from Mexico to Yemen. This is after all the time when you need your confidence

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