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When we arrived at the hotel on Saturday morning the sky was still clear and we had an absolutely amazing view at the Himalayas from our room

The kids of course had to get in the pool right away. The water was really cold but they enjoyed it. Liva can now swim from one side of the pool to the other!

Later in the day our friends from Kathmandu, Martin and Karma, arrived in car from Kathmandu. We were planning to go on a trek with them for two days but first we went for a trip on the Pokharna lake in the early night.
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  1. Anonymous  

    We hebben met veel plezier en een beetje jaloezie naar de mooie fotoreportage gekeken. Geweldig dat Liva en Joop zo goed gelopen hebben en ze zijn zo stoer in dat kouwe water! Brrrrr...!
    Oma en Opa

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