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"At home" with all the presents that was left by Swarte Piet (or Sinterklaas)
The Dutch kids of Kathmandu together with Sinterklaas and "de stoomboot"

Joop at the party
Sinterklaas sailing through the streets of Patan

Today was Sinterklaas and following the same tradition as in Yemen and before that in Mexico, we went to the party of the Dutch consulate. As you could see in one of the earlier posts we used last weekend to build a boat for Sinterklaas and today it was used so he could “sail” through the streets of Kathmandu. After the celebration together with the other Dutch, we went to Summit hotel and had dinner and when we came home Swarte Piet had been here and left presents in front of our door. So the rest of the night was used with unwrapping presents from Sinterklaas.


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