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Lily, Joop and Rama making momos in our kitchen in our small apartment 

With nothing much to do while the kids are in school, our two didis (nannies) are busy trying to find out what to do with themselves. While we are still at the hotel (or rather apartment hotel) there is a maid service every day that comes in and clean up the place – they even do the dishes so we have nothing much else to do. So the last two days Rama and Lily has been cooking for us. Yesterday they made a Nepalese meal with chicken veggies and Dhal, and today Lily suggested making Momos. Momo is a dumpling that is eaten on both sides of the Himalayas, though I think it originates from Tibet. So Lily has been off to the supermarket and bought us our first real Nepali kitchen appliance – a steamer pot. I am pretty sure we will also have to get a rice cooker as it seem difficult to live without here in Nepal.

Liva is having her after-school activity for the first time today so she is coming home late. She is off at 7.30 in the mornings and only home at 15.35 today so she is having some long days. With Dutch school and after-school activities she now only have one day where she is home direct from school. She has chosen “fun with Spanish” and “handicrafts” as her two after school activities (I guess she want’s to brush up on her Spanish that is getting a bit rusty by now). Joop can still not take after school activities so she is only out late on two days.   


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