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In connection with my job I (Henrik) visited Wadi Hadramout last week. As all the Danish implementation in Decentralization is in the Wadi area, it is a trip that I have been wanting to take for a while but something always came in the way (if it was not the Danish election, it was local security concerns). So it was with much anticipation that I finally managed to make the journey last week. Most of the time in Wadi Hadramout was of course used on work related meetings, but we also managed to visit Shibam, the Unesco World Heritage walled city that is known as the Manhattan of the desert, and some of the famous palaces and mosques of the area. With buildings of up to 10 stories made out of mud bricks Shibam is an impressive site. As we had to visit around our official program we only managed to go there at 2PM where it must have been 40c. The building style in Wadi Hadramout is stunning, with much detail going into the carving of the window frames. We had a chance to study this in more detail during our stay in Seiyun where we slept at the Hawda Palace Hotel, an old renovated Palace.


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