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I have been playing around with the design of our blog somewhat, and though it is not perfect it will hopefully be improved over time. One new addition to the blog that know Oma and Opa will enjoy is the access to our Flickr page. Though we have not uploaded many pictures yet (I have only opened an account today so I have still not had time) you will be able to access many more of our pictures on Flickr than we will be able to post on the blog. So though I will still post pictures selectively (no pictures of Lieke with morning hair) you will be able to access many more of our pictures. To go to our Flickr account all you need to do is click the flickr box on the right hand side.

We will be off the India the day after tomorrow so there will now be a two week period without updates. However, hopefully we will return with many colorful pictures, so see you in a couple of weeks time.


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