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After much discussion, and many nights counting the pros and cons, we have now decided to move to another house. Though we love the house we live in right now, and it is probably a once in a lifetime experience, the kids have not been very happy with all the stairs and it has also been a bit hard on us with all the running up and down. To get from where I am sitting writing this and down to the kitchen it is descent of 15 meters or so, so it is an outing every time you want to go down to get a cup of coffee. We have also found out that though we have a very nice rooftop we do not use it enough and would like a garden where the kids can run around instead. So the last month of so we have been looking at the houses that the people who are leaving over the summer are moving out off, and we have now finally found our dream house. It has a big garden, though 2/3 is right now dessert and all rooms in the house is on one level which will be good for the kids. It is very close to the supermarket where we do most of our shopping and is not too far from Lieke’s office or the school of the kids. The only disadvantage about the house is that we will have to move before we take off for Europe on the 6 July. So, the next few weeks will be all about packing and getting ready for the move. Below you see a picture of the house and some of the garden. If you want to see a bit more detailed picture, just double click on the picture.

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