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Lieke’s family stayed in Yemen for over two weeks and it gave us a great chance to get to see a bit more of the country. With all the hassle of getting settled here in Yemen we haven’t had a chance to get out of the city at all (and I must also say that I am of course a bit nervous about taking our new car out on the open and disorganized roads of Yemen) so it was nice to get a bit out. We rented three Land Cruisers with drivers from Universal Travel so I didn’t have to worry about the car. I now also know the way to Tulla etc. for when the next visitors arrive. Anyway, we made two day trips out of the city. This Picture is from the second Daytrip where we visited the mountainous region of Kawkabam. This picture is from a small village next to Kawkabam called Hajjara.

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