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We have now finished the move and have now moved down to Theresa and David. It took the moving people two days to pack all our stuff and put it into the container. In the end we almost filled the 40 foot container so it was good that we took that option. I will now have to fill out the insurance papers and we will have to send all the documents to the moving company. According to the moving company all our stuff should arrive in Yemen in 45 days so it should be around the 15th of January next year before we see it again. Yesterday we first went down to see the new-born son of Marie-Clair and Erik-Jan. His name is Loek (I am not sure if I spell it right) and are only two weeks old. After that we had some of our other friends over for a goodbye dinner. To avoid to cook we had pizzas and all in all it was a nice night. We are now left with only 36 hours in Mexico before we have to be on the KLM flight to Holland were we will stay at Oma and Opa’s place for a few days. Lieke will fly down to Yemen on next Saturday whereas Joop, Liva and I will stay in Holland until the 7th of December after which we go to Denmark to stay at Farmor’s place. So all in all the stress will really not stop intil we are in the plane.


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