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Liva is off to the dentist today. We thought that we better make sure that all these kind of things were taken care off before we take off for Yemen. It was supposed to be the first dentist visit of both Liva and Joop but as Joop is still a bit under the weather because of her cold we have decided to only bring Liva. We have also decided that we will leave the last vaccination of Joop for until we are in Holland as she doesn’t need anymore hassles. Last night was a bit tough. Both Liva and Joop have a terrible cold and Lieke is also getting something. Now is not quite the time for this but I guess it can’t be helped. We are trying to clean up things before the moving people arrive on Thursday to pack everything. With that we are only left we a few more days in Mexico to take care of the rest. On Saturday we will move down to Theresa and David and will spend our last three nights in Mexico there. Strange to think that we will be sitting in the KLM plane on the way to Amsterdam in just over a weeks time


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