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Finally, after much stress from our side, is it now sure that we will be leaving Mexico to settle down in Yemen. Yesterday, we finally received the fax from UNICEF, so we have now gone into hyper-mode. So much need to be done before we will finally be in Sana’a (the Capital of Yemen). We need to find a moving company that can ship to Yemen, pack up all our stuff, sell all our 110 volt appliances (they have 220 V in Yemen), not to talk about selling our washing machine ,fridge and car and in general get our lives into order before we finally can get on a plane to start a new life. So right now it seems like, that our stress of the uncertainty of the future has been substituted by a new form of stress. Right now there is a very noisy street-party going on on the other side of the Barranca and it is strange to think about that the Mariachi music that we are hearing right now in a few months time will be substituted by calling to Friday prayer in the local mosque.  We know that we have not been good at keeping our web-side updated with pictures and information about how we are doing. This has of course mainly been Henrik’s fault, being that he has been both in charge of updating and of taking the pictures. We have of course read extensively about Yemen on the internet and one of the things that we have found out it that Yemen might have joined the information highway but that they still only have dial-up connections. We therefore also hope that this blog will make it a bit easier for us to keep you up to date with what is happening in our lives.


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